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    “Los Cuerpos Recuperados”

    Dark Andean Ambient Made in Mendoza.

    “Indr0 is the artistic moniker of Carlos Píscopo and it is an experimental music project, with influences from dark ambient, industrial, noise, drone and electronics based in sonic deconstruction and with cultural studies serving as a political and theoretical foundation.

    His music is extremely cold, dark, at times suffocating, with care taken in its purely desolate, instrumental aesthetic, populated with climates of rusty, scratchy plains, and full of images.“

    Andrés Asia
    Curador del sello Sonido Atmosférico
    (Córdoba, Argentina. Julio / July 2018).

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    [ACP 1151]

    Lucas Alvarado

    “Anatomía de la Vacuidad”

    photography and design by EMERGE

    Lucas Alvarado is composer/producer/sound artist & viola da gamba player. He’s currently working on superconscious sound researchers, experimentation, free impro & eclectic DJ sets under the Huemul project.
    Specialized in ancient bowed instruments, playing viola da gamba, vihuela de arco & violone in early music ensembles.

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    “Improvisations 2014”

    Guitar maestro Sebastian Buccheri, with his Jazzdefector project, presents us a sublime series of short improvisations swinging between ambient and jazz.

    Released for the Netlabel Day 2018, Improvisations 2014 is an EP that will leave you starving for more as soon as you reach the end of the playlist. It is a journey to the rich artist’s sound palette made of slow harmonic progressions, arpeggios and cosmic reverbered guitar pads.

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    [ACP 1157]


    “On The Brink Of Extinction”

    A Disease Called Man is Djordje Miladinović
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    Ölü Körpe

    “Vol. 3 Larynx”

    Ölü Körpe vol. 3 – Larynx


    Side Notes:

    Why larynx?

    Maybe because it’s the first musical instrument us humans knew in our entire life.

    This is an attempt to make compositions (and also to make peace) with my voice as building blocks; still, it is hard to tame.

    Except for the last track. I had fun playing with free piano app on my phone, and it complements and compliments the end result quite a bit.

    Also shout out to my old friend from years back, Ms. Bamby C. who now resides in Jakarta; utmost gratitude for the permission to use some of her excellent writings for lyrics/general ideas throughout this release.


    1. Calling All Gods On Deck (0:58)
    2. Commute/Commune (3:00)
    3. Zalongo/To Whom It May Concern (5:00)
    4. She Was There/She Was Listening (7:00)

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    [ACP 1146]


    “36. Futurologischer Congress”

    36. Futurologischer Congress recorded by der schlachter at studio glasklinge zeitenlicht from 2016 – 2018
    70’s – 2018
    This album shows points of my life that were important, which have influenced me, or which have happened to me.
    track 10 with Vava Vol (
    track 013: text by Eisenlager glasklinge zeitenlicht, Voice by Miriam Christina
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    Toni Dimitrov & DR


    Collaboration between Toni Dimitrov and Dominic Razlaff, aka DR.

    Field recordings made by Toni Dimitrov in Macedonia at various locations and then layered and processed using granular synthesis, ukulele and synthesizer by DR. Final arrangements by both artists.

    Part of a series of collaborative works by these two prolific soundscape designers.

    Released 14 July for Netlabel Day 2018.

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    “Landscape of the village with the smell of forest, milk and freshly baked bread (2018)”

    Альбом проекта под названием Gradatsiya. Представляет собой 30-минутную атмосферную, успокаивающую, обволакивающую и умиротворяющую эмбиент-сессию. Атмсоферности данной записи придают некоторые звуки природы, звучащие на фоне. Почитателям данного жанра крайне рекомендуется.

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    “Sounds of the Selves EP”

    We welcome the first release of french artist (writer and musician) Aloyse. His refined electronic music evolves between ambiguous shifts and clear lines, using fuzzy textures, subdued melodies and sparse, fragmented beats. This diversity of approaches is also reflected in the reinterpretations by 8 other artists who remixed the 4 original tracks :
    Demoiselle Döner
    Kecap Tuyul
    Stoé OrkéoPresentation of the project by Aloyse : ” Sound of the selves is a sound project between field recording and the art of sampling designed to be listened to during a stage performance. Shown in various places in Paris the performance “Parachute”, presented by the theatre company Machine, consists in a mobile dome under which one comedian faces one spectator. A couple of minutes to save the world from its delusions, a moment of intense intimacy before the world and its chaotic noise repeat themselves.
    Sound of the selves is also an invitation to think and recreate the bound between the voices of the world and the voice of the machine: 8 musicians with variegated backgrounds offered an edit of one of the tracks in order to push one step ahead the endless communication between the creative forms of life.”
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  • 08/13/18--02:51: autonomaton – a few tales
  • [ACP 1159]


    “a few tales”

    photography and design by EMERGE
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    King Imagine

    “Next Nowhere.exe”

    Collection of calm electronica. Synthetic sounds are mixed with natural piano, self-made flute and field-recordings to keep harmony and add futuristic flavour. Final track is dedicated to Gennadiy Podvoiskiy.
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    [ACP 1163]


    “live in Augsburg”

    live @ villa, Augsburg, 02.02.18
    photography by Dan Penschuck
    recording, mastering and design by EMERGE
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  • 08/17/18--19:05: Stakhabahd – Dedikasi
  • [WAC20]



    Stakhabahd is experimental/noise by Rangga Purnama Aji. He using his phone application to make a noise. As a composer, he also concern about the composition of noise that he made; how the structure of sounds should be.
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